A new kind of Android launcher that stylishly organizes system notifications and social network streams into one feed.

Flow Home is a new kind of Android launcher. Instead of just icons, we show things from inside the icons. Photos from Instagram or Facebook, tweets and messages from people you follow, the latest news from Feedly, all in one place. Like, retweet, read full articles and share right from your home screen. Everything going on inside your phone, and on your favorite networks in a single beautiful feed. Click here to see the full product site.

Homescreen 2.0

For over 30 years now the main interface of a computer has been a grid of icons. Little pictures that represent an app and all the information it contains. While our computers have changed from a big beige box to a little rectangle in your pocket, that grid of icons has stayed the same.

Instead of just showing icons, FlowHome surfaces information from inside your most used apps and put them all into a single beautiful interface. Swiping icons is replaced with scrolling content. Important things like notifications are placed at the top of the same feed, so every type of information and every common action is available immediately when you unlock your phone.

Ergonomics and Personalization

Phone screens keep getting bigger and that means the top of the screen is harder than ever to reach comfortably. That's why Flow puts your most common apps down next to your thumb, and extends that into a quick search that will find whatever you're looking for.

The smartphone is the most personal piece of technology yet. You should be able to make it look just the way you want, so FlowHome supports a range of themes and styles from minimal to colorful.


FlowHome has evolved through over thirty releases into a fully featured and unique homescreen. It has seen hundreds of thousands of downloads and has over fifty thousand people following it's progress on Twitter.