A small internal project with Google that grew to become the face of the Android global brand.

Androidify started as a fun internal project with our friends at the Google Creative Lab. The idea was simply to make the Android logo look like yourself. It ended up growing to become a key part of the global Android brand with over 10 million downloads. It even got John into a national commercial spot, see if you can spot him:

Starting Small

What started small somehow turned into us going to Barcelona to launch it as part of Android's first apperance at Mobile World Congress. This was all happening at basically the exact moment that Android was exploding in usage and beginning it's domination of the mobile industry.

Version 2.0 and Android Brand Relaunch

In 2014 we launched a new version as part of Android's "be together. not the same" global campaign. We added new characters, options and for the first time the characters could dance and move. To launch the new campaign we were part of a team that took over the largest billboard in Times Square, showing twenty foot tall Androids created from people all over the world.1

Google I/O 2016

In 2016 we created a special version of Androidify for Google I/O 2016 where as part of their registration process, all attendees could create an Android version of themself. These thousands of characters were used to create a video that opened the event.

The Future

Androidify remains amazingly popular and is used across a range of Google's marketing efforts.

  1. Photo by The Verge in their coverage of the event, video by Mixtape Club.
  2. Google I/O 2016 video by Mixtape Club.