CryptoPunk 9224

One of 3840 Female punks.


271 punks have this.
Wild White Hair
135 punks have this.
2458 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Transfer 0xd8e806 0x052564 0x1cfdbeb9
Offered 0.50Ξ ($87.18) 0x07845ba2
Offer Withdrawn 0x01c61b38
Offered 0.28Ξ ($47.95) 0x4c0e7577
Offered 0.35Ξ ($61.02) 0xe097edab
Offered 0.38Ξ ($66.25) 0x44f0a636
Offered 0.40Ξ ($69.74) 0xb65038bc
Offered 0.45Ξ ($78.46) 0xa57e73e7
Offered 0.50Ξ ($87.18) 0x7164a399
Offered 0.55Ξ ($95.89) 0x0a120010
Offered 0.45Ξ ($78.46) 0x73a33c14
Offered 0.43Ξ ($74.97) 0x4f537fba
Offered 0.45Ξ ($78.46) 0x882f7745
Offered 0.50Ξ ($87.18) 0xf1e9f6e6
Offered 0.55Ξ ($95.89) 0xf5f83380
Offer Withdrawn 0x6d2dc3c5
Offered 0.55Ξ ($95.89) 0x66d941eb
Offered 0.59Ξ ($102.87) 0x14f97f9f
Offer Withdrawn 0xa5191bbb
Bid Withdrawn 0x2049be 0.35Ξ ($61.02) 0xa7ba8876
Bid 0x2049be 0.35Ξ ($61.02) 0xe3605428
Offered 0.69Ξ ($120.30) 0x4e62ca8c
Offer Withdrawn 0xbb28ab7b
Offered 0.70Ξ ($122.05) 0x6b1378b5
Sold 0xfb077c 0xd8e806 0.30Ξ ($52.31) 0xe3cddbf8
Offered 0.30Ξ ($52.31) 0xb9c41040
Offered 0.40Ξ ($69.74) 0x72851f1d
Bid 0x7760e0 0.04Ξ ($6.67) 0xf0cb0ba2
Offered 1.50Ξ ($261.53) 0x02173d09
Claimed 0xfb077c 0xce2095d4

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