CryptoPunk 8870

One of 6039 Male punks.


960 punks have this.
Luxurious Beard
285 punks have this.
Big Shades
534 punks have this.
2458 punks have this.
Top Hat
114 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Transfer 0x289d95 0x35632b 0xfdd508cd
Bid 0x3bb0fe 1.20Ξ ($171.77) 0xddb15857
Offered 2.50Ξ ($357.85) 0x64ba0a05
Bid 0x5acce7 1Ξ ($143.14) 0xcbf5cd68
Offered 2.99Ξ ($427.99) 0x376f6a07
Offered 4.99Ξ ($714.27) 0xe91ab636
Offered 9Ξ ($1.29K) 0xf9f10857
Offer Withdrawn 0x4fe5f36d
Offered 3.25Ξ ($465.20) 0x9d968f09
Offered 3.50Ξ ($500.99) 0x0b8ee183
Bid Withdrawn 0xe8723d 0.75Ξ ($107.35) 0xabb1e8d0
Bid 0xe8723d 0.75Ξ ($107.35) 0x1f810a60
Bid Withdrawn 0xa80be8 0.14Ξ ($20.04) 0x1708a0c5
Bid 0xa80be8 0.14Ξ ($20.04) 0xba296ff8
Offer Withdrawn 0x2f296a60
Offered 0.90Ξ ($128.83) 0xb6507471
Offered 1.50Ξ ($214.71) 0x797193d0
Offer Withdrawn 0x7d079084
Offered 2.50Ξ ($357.85) 0xdc8afe95
Offer Withdrawn 0x89ffac91
Offered 1.90Ξ ($271.97) 0x01c703a7
Offer Withdrawn 0x727c41e5
Offered 2Ξ ($286.28) 0xa425c66e
Bid 0x717403 0.05Ξ ($7.16) 0xe0ab2da2
Claimed 0x289d95 0x8ed1652a

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