CryptoPunk 5295

One of 3840 Female punks.


Purple Eye Shadow
261 punks have this.
Straight Hair Blonde
143 punks have this.
Hot Lipstick
695 punks have this.
2458 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Transfer 0x581b59 0x61e7e7 0x64e267c8
Offered 1.50Ξ ($216.97) 0xc7cfe3ca
Offered 0.78Ξ ($112.83) 0x81af2baf
Offered 0.88Ξ ($127.29) 0x3a51e3b0
Offered 2Ξ ($289.30) 0xa51dc66a
Offered 0.99Ξ ($143.20) 0x744e8ef9
Offered 2Ξ ($289.30) 0xaddf87e3
Offered 1.22Ξ ($176.47) 0xb58d4a31
Offered 1.28Ξ ($185.15) 0x46f7ad82
Offered 1.29Ξ ($186.60) 0xcccdc881
Offered 1.45Ξ ($209.74) 0x16a02580
Offered 1.50Ξ ($216.97) 0xa6a04f08
Offered 3.50Ξ ($506.27) 0x331de3f8
Bid Withdrawn 0xd387a6 0.60Ξ ($86.79) 0x4e50d25d
Bid 0xd387a6 0.60Ξ ($86.79) 0x145f26d4
Offered 1.28Ξ ($185.15) 0xcb5cf5c5
Transfer 0x61e7e7 0x581b59 0x3e9e87bb
Offered 1.28Ξ ($185.15) 0x41da3698
Transfer 0x581b59 0x61e7e7 0xa5aec276
Offer Withdrawn 0x42509d9f
Offered 1.18Ξ ($170.69) 0x71ebf052
Offered 1.25Ξ ($180.81) 0x4d5d9b56
Offered 3.95Ξ ($571.37) 0x8bb472ff
Transfer 0x61e7e7 0x581b59 0x987a1143
Offered 10Ξ ($1.45K) 0x56510504
Transfer 0x581b59 0x61e7e7 0x51dc3164
Bid Withdrawn 0xe8723d 0.40Ξ ($57.86) 0x3b573532
Sold 0xfb077c 0x581b59 0.75Ξ ($108.49) 0xdc809e1d
Bid 0xe8723d 0.40Ξ ($57.86) 0xbd7440dc
Offered 0.75Ξ ($108.49) 0x232ccda1
Offered 5Ξ ($723.25) 0xa05e4b6a
Bid Withdrawn 0xa0a59c 0.35Ξ ($50.63) 0xd27c8499
Offered 0.90Ξ ($130.18) 0xf6dd6d80
Offered 2Ξ ($289.30) 0x4d4453ec
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.35Ξ ($50.63) 0xc835d8a2
Bid 0x717403 0.05Ξ ($7.23) 0x2ddec1fb
Claimed 0xfb077c 0xe91e4460

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