CryptoPunk 3831

One of 88 Zombie punks.


Vampire Hair
146 punks have this.
Big Shades
534 punks have this.
Medical Mask
174 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Sold 0xf5099e 0x7d438b 9.95Ξ ($1.47K) 0xc5d787c3
Bid 0x7d438b 9.95Ξ ($1.47K) 0x02cc647a
Bid Withdrawn 0x7d438b 7.90Ξ ($1.17K) 0xa008888c
Offered 12.70Ξ ($1.88K) 0xad7a5559
Bid 0x7d438b 7.90Ξ ($1.17K) 0xc6770d7c
Offered 17.50Ξ ($2.59K) 0x59587939
Bid Withdrawn 0x78f026 1.80Ξ ($266) 0x3e8f45cb
Bid 0x78f026 1.80Ξ ($266) 0xd314ee5e
Bid Withdrawn 0x7d438b 10.60Ξ ($1.57K) 0x1edc35db
Bid 0x7d438b 10.60Ξ ($1.57K) 0x9f813401
Offered 18Ξ ($2.66K) 0xb6807d7f
Offered 18.50Ξ ($2.73K) 0xb2f245f7
Offered 19Ξ ($2.81K) 0xf4ebaef6
Offered 20Ξ ($2.96K) 0x4104ea36
Bid Withdrawn 0x976b59 4Ξ ($591.12) 0xb1739ec9
Bid 0x976b59 4Ξ ($591.12) 0xa2ae2713
Offered 25Ξ ($3.69K) 0x2d54d403
Offered 150Ξ ($22.17K) 0x3476cca6
Transfer 0xa0a59c 0xf5099e 0xb868eee5
Sold 0x5462de 0xa0a59c 1Ξ ($147.78) 0x1c3d592a
Bid 0xa0a59c 1Ξ ($147.78) 0x433cf031
Bid Withdrawn 0xa0a59c 0.33Ξ ($48.77) 0x51ad11d2
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.33Ξ ($48.77) 0xa1bfc1b9
Claimed 0x5462de 0xb2c6a16d

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