CryptoPunk 2761

One of 3840 Female punks.


Gold Chain
168 punks have this.
Straight Hair Dark
147 punks have this.
Nerd Glasses
571 punks have this.

Current Market Status

Transaction History

Type From To Amount Txn
Transfer 0x14e0c2 0x8e668a 0x7bbfbedb
Offer Withdrawn 0x5540606f
Offered 2Ξ ($285.80) 0x9a69a048
Sold 0x87e225 0x14e0c2 0.69Ξ ($98.60) 0xdcdf8b03
Bid Withdrawn 0x14e0c2 0.55Ξ ($78.59) 0x03650d69
Bid 0x14e0c2 0.55Ξ ($78.59) 0xb25c3165
Offered 0.69Ξ ($98.60) 0x190e6e63
Offered 0.79Ξ ($112.89) 0x3d1b9b57
Sold 0xf5099e 0x87e225 0.40Ξ ($57.16) 0x7eba0bce
Offered 0.40Ξ ($57.16) 0xd4dd4ab4
Offered 0.50Ξ ($71.45) 0xaf3c5a0e
Transfer 0xa0a59c 0xf5099e 0x568d8e78
Sold 0x8234be 0xa0a59c 0.25Ξ ($35.72) 0x73f8db66
Bid 0xa0a59c 0.25Ξ ($35.72) 0xcac149f3
Bid Withdrawn 0x717403 0.05Ξ ($7.14) 0x486a7fbb
Bid 0x717403 0.05Ξ ($7.14) 0x8ea214f0
Claimed 0x8234be 0x64e742fb

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