Meebits Search Engine

A demonstration of the powerful new Meebits search engine.

Today we added a search feature to the Meebits site and it is quite a powerful tool for exploring rarity and finding the perfect Meebit for your collection. This post will take a tour through the features with some example searches.

The Basics

We'll start with some simple searches.

Meebits with tattoostattoo

Meebits wearing something purplepurple

You can also specify which attribute you are interested in with element:search. The attributes you can search over are hair, beard, hat, glasses, shirt, overshirt, pants, shoes, necklace, earring, and jerseynum.

Meebits with blue hairhair:blue

Meebits with rare sneakersshoes:LL

For an exact match to a multi-word element, use quotes around the search term.

Meebits with LL Moonbots"LL Moonboots"

More Complex Queries

When multiple terms are present, the search engine will find Meebits that satisfy any of the terms. It's like there is an "or" between each search term.

Meebits wearing undead-themed shirtsshirt:skull shirt:ghost

Use and between terms to require all the terms to be satisfied.

A Meebit version of your favorite basketball playershirt:black and jerseynum:7

Color co-ordinated Meebitshirt:yellow and pants:yellow and shoes:yellow

Use not to exclude terms.

Meebits that aren't pigs but still wear Snoutz-branded clothingsnoutz and not pig

Include an address (or just an address prefix) in the query to limit the search to that owner

Dev Meebits wearing glasses0xC352 glasses

You can also visit an owner's page directly by just searching for the address or address prefix.

A Few More Examples

Business elephantselephant and pants:suit

Proud skeletonsskeleton and skull

Robots just trying to fit inrobot and "backwards cap"

Finally, you can simply search for a Meebit number to go directly to that Meebit.

The "Glitch Pig" Meebit17522

Up next, we plan to build out the search results page a bit more, showing Meebits for sale, owner breakdowns, etc.