Autoglyphs Post Launch Report

All about how the Autoglyphs sold out in four hours, while donating $13,670 to charity.

We launched the Autoglyphs early Monday morning with an interview on Artnome. Just a few hours later, at 1:02 PM EST, the final Autoglyph, #512, was created in this transaction. There are more generative art fans out there than we thought! Below are a few key stats related to the launch.

76.8 Ether, or around $13,670 USD, was automatically and transparently donated to You can see all the donations here on Etherscan.

At its peak, Autoglyphs was the top contract on the entire Ethereum blockchain, consuming 13.27% of total network capacity:

There are currently 66 token holders:

Meanwhile, after the last Autoglyph was created, the secondary market on OpenSea almost immediately cracked the top 12:

By the way, you can get real time notifications of Autoglyphs secondary market activity, and chat with other Autoglyphs owners on our new #autoglyphs discord channel.

Thanks to everyone who supported the project, we’re so glad we were able to support a good cause like while making something we think is really new and cool.