Road Trip party report

We had a super fun party for Road Trip with stickers, virtual reality, coloring sheets, a huge wearable taxi model and more!

We recently had a party for our game Road Trip, produced by our awesome friends at Workshop. A whole bunch of people from age 2 to 80 attended and everyone had a blast. Here are some of the highlights.

Paper Cars

We created printable paper models of some of the most popular cars for kids to make. Download the PDF for the family wagon, taxi, and city bus to make them yourself! There was even an area where tiny RC cars were racing around with the paper models fitted on top.

Coloring Sheets

Don't have a glue stick handy? No problem, we also made coloring sheets! Click here to download the Road Trip coloring sheet PDF.


We also made a special version of Road Trip that works with Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR that puts you inside the family wagon. We'll be doing a separate post on the details of how that works, but it turned out to be super popular. The only problem being that people tried to both walk around the party and eat chicken wings while wearing the headsets. Other than those two specifically bad ideas, a huge success.

Mega-Taxi Photo Booth

Self explanatory really, you get to be inside a huge version of the taxi. We just need to figure out what to do with the giant taxi now.

Stickers and Keychains

We finally realized our dream of having cool shwag for one of our games, including these rad stickers and keychains.

Overall we had a ton of fun, thanks to everyone who came!