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OMG Gurk!

Who could have guessed that our friends over at OMG! Heart were such hardcore Gurk fans? In celebration of the release of Gurk II, they have created crocheted likenesses of the three original Gurk heroes, Feraldan, Sir Rugnar and Gorlok! See more pics and a detailed description of how they were made here. We absolutely […]

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Gurk II, the sequel to the popular 8-bit RPG released!

In December, we ported our old RPG from J2ME to Android so the game could live on, on a new platform. We had a lot of positive responses from players who really enjoyed it, but they wanted more! So, we have obliged them with Gurk II, the sequel and a much larger and more complete […]

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Gurk 8-bit RPG for Android released

As promised in an earlier post, we have ported Gurk from J2ME to Android! It is available as a free download in the Android Market now. Only hardcore old-school RPG fans need apply, but those that do should find themselves right at home in the pixelated land of Gurk. Your party of three adventurers (a […]

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Android Market Payouts Total 2% of App Store’s $1B

During the WWDC keynote, a landmark statistic was revealed, namely that $1 Billion has been paid out to developers for their 70% cut on paid apps on the iTunes Store. This immediately led us to wonder how much money has been paid out to Android developers. The Android Market with support for paid apps became […]

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Battle for Mars Upgrade: Multiplayer!

We’ve just released a free upgrade for Battle of Mars users on Android. We are excited to report that this version includes support for online multiplayer! You can take part in any number of multiplayer games simultaneously. Each game can have up to four players. Multiplayer games have the shroud of war mode enabled. This […]

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