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The end of SlideScreen

Last week Google released an update to the Android Gmail app that removed our access to Gmail data, see here for more details. As of right now there appears to be no workaround as this is an intentional change to restrict access to the data. In general, the early hope on Android of open access to app data and integration with UI components didn’t really work out as planned. This was the basis of how SlideScreen was to interoperate seamlessly with a wide range of apps, and without those fundamental features we don’t think we can continue development.

It’s been an interesting and exciting project to work on, it’s truly an amazing feature of Android that you even have the option to write a replacement for the phone’s main interface.

As of this morning we’ve removed the app from the market, although the latest beta version will still be available from this link for the foreseeable future: http://larvalabs.com/slidescreenbeta/slidescreen-2.0-beta10.apk

Thank you again for all the great feedback during the app’s development and lifetime.

  1. 1
    mike on 08/08/11 at 19:45:58

    Sorry guys, I love what you were doing with it

  2. 2
    Jeremy on 08/08/11 at 19:54:56

    Sorry to hear that you’re being shut out. I thought slidescreen was a great idea and app. Good luck with your other projects!

  3. 3
    Martijn on 08/08/11 at 19:56:14

    To bad, I really like SlideScreen. Andoid is not so open after all…..

  4. 4
    Steven Brady on 08/08/11 at 20:04:09

    SlideScreen will definitely be missed. It truly helped turn my phone into an organizational tool, rather than just a toy.

  5. 5
    Chris on 08/09/11 at 02:06:52

    “As of right now there appears to be no workaround as this is an intentional change to restrict access to the data.”

    I am a huge fan of Slidescreen. I did some beta testing, I bought it when you released it in the Market, but I can’t help but feel that you guys really saw this as an opportunity to stop developing a project you aren’t all that enthusiastic about.

    Don’t get me wrong – you absolutely have that right. But I feel like if you wanted to move forward, you would say “we’re looking into other options” or even just “wait and see” instead of “they killed it, we’re done.” Perhaps third party app support for email, a la Twidroyd?

    At the very least I appreciate that you were willing to keep the beta available. How about making it open source? If you’re not going to move forward with Slidescreen, it would mean a lot for the people who loved it (personally, I can’t imagine going back to a normal home screen. Normal home screens are inefficient and boring) if you would find a way to let the project live on, even if you don’t want to move forward with it.