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Battle for Mars Strategy Guide

OK, time for some Battle For Mars tips!

Buildings are Key

In this game, you get money for every building you control. So, it is important to hold as many buildings as possible. In maps that have neutral (gray) buildings, you will want to dispatch soldiers to capture them early in the game right away. You will also want to send out sniper bots to foil your opponent’s attempts at capturing buildings as well.

Protect your Command building!

Be very careful to protect your command building if your opponent gets near your base! Your game will be over in an instant if the command is captured. It is often a good idea to leave a unit on the command building at all times just to be safe.

Unit Match-Ups

To get the edge over your opponent, you will need to take in to account unit match-ups. They roughly break down like this:

  • Soldiers are good against other soldiers.
  • Elite soldiers are good (for their price) against bots and spaceships.
  • Sniper bots are good against soldiers.
  • War bots and mega bots are good against other bots and fairly good against soldiers.
  • Attack boats are good against other boats.
  • Combat pods are good against other spaceships.
  • Battle pods are good against bots.
  • Bomb bots, rocket bots, gun boats and the other ranged units are good against anything they can hit.

Try to get the right match-up when attacking an opponent!

Terrain Advantages

A unit can get a defense bonus depending on the terrain on which it is situated. Units on roads or in water get no defense bonus, and sand gives only a slight bonus. Trees and cities provide fairly good protection, while mountains and command centers provide the best. Note that an attacking unit does not get a terrain advantage. Also note that spaceships do not get terrain bonuses even when defending. Try to keep units on terrain that provides a good defensive bonus as much as possible, and avoid attacking enemy units that are well-protected by mountains or buildings.

Healing/Repairing Units

A unit stationed on a building will repair 2 points per turn. So, send damaged units back to the base for repairs rather than forcing them to go out in a blaze of glory. If your opponent has infiltrated your base, it is a good idea to station your units on your buildings. They can fight off the invaders with a good terrain advantage all while healing 2 points per turn.

Ranged Units

Ranged units (such as bomb bots or laser bots) are extremely effective, as they can attack enemies from a distance. However, if an enemy unit is allowed to get in close on a ranged unit, then the range unit is rendered defenseless and cannot withstand much attack. It is therefore a good idea to place soldiers or war bots around the ranged unit to protect it. Ranged boats or spaceships often can use the terrain to their advantage to avoid direct attack, although having attack boats or combat pods on hand to defend them is wise. Be very careful when sending units in to the range of a powerful unit such as rocket bot or a gun boat. If you must move in on those types of units try to overwhelm them all at once with several units. (Note: you can see the range of a unit by touching and holding on that unit).

Choke Points

Many of the maps contain bridges or other natural “choke points” between two regions. These can be very crucial areas for defending against an opponent that has more firepower than you. A strong unit up front (such as a mega bot) can take a few hits while ranged units can be placed safely behind it and weaken the advancing enemy forces. Ranged units dominate this kind of “jammed up” combat, so it is important to do whatever is necessary to prevent your opponent from gaining a ranged advantage.

That’s it for now, enjoy battling for Mars!

  1. 1
    Jay on 05/19/09 at 22:11:53

    Hello I wanted to know how to use the rocketbot and bomb bot, im using the lite version and thinking about buying full version, but i cannot figure out how to get the rocket bot or bomb bot to actually fire.

  2. John Watkinson on 05/20/09 at 16:15:28

    You can only fire the BombBot and the RocketBot (as well as the LaserBot and some of the boats) when you don’t move them. So just select them, then press the trackball again and then you will be able to fire. Notice that they fire at long range– they can hit targets far away from them, but not right beside them. Hold your finger down on the unit to see what its firing range is.

  3. 2
    Bob Dukes on 07/06/09 at 05:48:01

    What is the strat for “Venusian Invasion” from the campaign? It seems everything I try is useless.

  4. 3
    nikolay nikolov on 07/25/09 at 05:32:52

    I’m using my g1 from Bulgaria. I’m wondering why I cannot purchase the game on the g1 market? Is it something connected to my location, or am I doing something wrong? Can I purchase it outside the market app?


  5. Matt Hall on 07/31/09 at 17:14:43

    Can you see any paid apps in your catalog? I wonder if your catalog supports the payment system yet.

  6. 4
    nikolay nikolov on 08/10/09 at 06:46:33

    As it turns out – no. I cannot see any paid app in my market. Crappy vendors! Is there other way to buy the game?

  7. 5
    Gustavo Holloway on 09/05/09 at 18:40:12

    What is the strategy for Secret Tech. They are too powerful. Thanks

  8. 6
    Brenton on 09/29/09 at 13:55:51

    Bob Dukes,

    I just beat “Venusian Invasion.” Pump out wave after wave of infantry and sniper bots at the start, and take the building to the south, and the factory to the east. Then keep pushing forward, capturing with infantry. The goal is to kill off their soldiers. Don’t worry too much about bots. If they don’t have any soldiers, they can’t recap what you take, and you’ll eventually out produce them.

  9. 7
    Foremore on 10/28/09 at 20:19:35

    on the “Venusian Invasion” I had a blast trying to win this one. What I did was send 1 soldier squad to the factory and one to the boats and take the two repairing stations. while the AI is still building whatever I put in two soldier squads in a boat and send them to their base, all while building up my defenses in the middle as to block the mountain pass. I usually used warbots for the block and sniper bots inside to keep the guys coming in from across the mountains. by the time I get my two units in the boat to their side I have a nice warbot switch where one takes the hits, two wait behind to swap when the other is almost died. I also have 1 or 2 bombbots behind pounding away at the enemy. then I have my two guys exit the boat and take over the airship place while the other is a distraction. I then build an airship and its almost over. then I just press on the AI till they give and win the map. I had a glitch once where the AI would build about 10 megabots and send them to the higher part of the map trying to get across the mountains somehow…. I terrorized them with an airship which was fun.
    one strategy is not to kill the bot all the way. the AI never lets the bot revive to full and you could get a bunch of 4′s bots running around and getting in the way.

  10. 8
    Brantyr on 10/31/09 at 16:52:57

    What the hell is wrong with the laser bot? I can’t get it to fire. I’ve checked it’s range (assuming range is when you long-press on it and every lit up square is a square it can shoot at), it hasn’t moved but there’s no attack command coming up!

  11. 9
    B on 11/04/09 at 17:42:05

    The Laser Bot can only engage flying units and boats.

  12. 10
    Andrew on 12/11/09 at 23:46:53

    I’m also stuck on “secret tech” I just can’t figure out how to hang on under the onslaught. Any tips?

  13. 11
    Pato on 03/15/10 at 23:17:16

    Please please put this game on the SlideMe market.

  14. 12
    battle guy on 07/29/10 at 13:20:24

    Hello, i am just alike nikokay nikolov. I cant see any payed games at the marked. And i am wanna to buy the full version of battle of mars. I have the xperia x10 mini.


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